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Cantonosa Opera

June 20, 2021

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Ballet Princess Century

June 26, 2021

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Medieval Knight & Armour

June 09, 2021

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Marionnette Pantomim

June 03, 2021

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Light Up The Night Fire

June 15, 2021

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INTRA, procedure to resurface

An aesthetic treatise on introspection. It proposes traveling along a path that takes us back to the origin of life in search of the essential. It invites us to turn our gaze towards ourselves, revealing the fright that our own deformity causes us. However, it is the path to purify what we have accumulated in the events of the world, reducing ourselves to the essential. Within this contrasting universe in a state of crisis, resilience drives us to a resurgence that looks to the future with hope.

Point and Line

A small buzz, a small point of sound that arises from silence and, after a small contact, extends through the space, crossing it into two long lines that invite you to play. The lines from so much playing suspended in a continuous, eternal circle. A hoop that allows itself to be traversed, that is attracted to roll back and forth, until it fills up and bounces all over the space, allowing itself to be ridden, and sometimes not.

Point and Line is a project for girls and boys from 0 to 3 years old that tells the story of a small point that is born to play until it is a large sphere.


Con-templar is a show aimed at children between 0 and 3 years old that takes a journey through the different states of climate change and the surprising situations that arise along the way. A playful way of experiencing the different meteorological phenomena: the sun, the wind, the rain, and how we perceive them in the body through our senses. The objective is to bring the little ones closer to the stage experience with a show that speaks to them from their own way of perception, through a common theme for them: The Climate.

Perimeter Dance, sculpting the void.

There is an in-between space that unites us. It is a universe composed of the tangible and intangible, where closeness is relative depending on the point of view, and depends on the will to empathize with others. The mutual gaze is an impulse and a response to the gesture of the body, a dialogue. The distance here is presented as a motivation to sharpen the senses and the desire for interrelation.


Suspended is an aesthetic treatise on moving from one plane to another from the fall as a metaphor for death-rebirth. Stripping off the old skin to land to rediscover gravity, weight and balance that does not lead us to look at the new horizon that prostrates itself before our eyes.

Upcoming Events


July 2021

Khon Pantomime Ayyuthaya


Aug 2021

Ballet Dance Recital


Sept 2021

Boho Posing In Front


Okt 2021

Pantomime On The Black

    Víctor Hugo Loaiza.

    March 2021

    “INTRA, procedure to resurface”, is the claim for oneself that demands the encounter of a new identity that is born from the ashes of our past. A fight between the divine and being, a fight between social dwelling and personal dwelling.

      Eunice Contreras.

      March 2021

      “Azalea López, has always offered us the possibility of a stage mouth filled with her one and only presence.”

        Eunice Contreras.

        March 2021

        “INTRA, procedure to resurface, a piece with a unique symbolic load, far from the clichés of feminism but that exposes us to a woman who is confronted with what she has been, from her ancestors to her today and her now, full of setbacks , but also empty, waiting for a new fullness.”

          César Delgado Martínez.

          May 2005.

          “In “Acheopteryx” by Henry Torres, the dancer Azalea López showed off her high level technique coupled with her interpretive ability, which she managed to move the public. With exquisite lyricism, the interpreter managed to transform into a bird. That's when the miracle of art occurs.”

            Alonso Alarcón.

            April 2005.

            “Azalea López Inzunza gives life to the most irreverent, cynical and manipulative character in the play, represented as a classical ballet dancer who repeatedly breaks the sobriety and drama of the scenes with concrete actions, Azalea is a dancer who performs competently on stage, hooking the spectators in their peculiar interventions.”